Covid-19 Protocols

Keeping our Community Safe

We are taking all necessary precautions and measures to ensure the safety of our team and community. For more info on what we are doing to help prevent the spread COVID-19, please read the below mandated notice from our Provincial Government.

Last Updated: December 2020

How we’re ensuring workers know how to keep themselves safe from exposure to COVID-19

  • Following all Public Health guidance required of our business9

How we’re screening for COVID-19

  • Active screening of team members & essential visitors
  • Passive screening of customers

How we’re controlling the risk of transmission in our workplace

Physical distancing and separation

  • Physical barriers installed
  • Signage & Markers installed
  • Mandatory masks required for team and face coverings required by customers
  • Eye Protection issued and required during lockdown period – optimal in red level and below
  • Physical distancing policy throughout building
  • Capacity guidelines established
  • Implementation of current Public Health Guidelines as issued


  • Enhanced sanitization & cleaning protocols established
  • Hand hygiene protocols established
  • Continuous procurement of cleaning supplies to ensure ample supply


  • Closure of bulk bins to be administered by team members only
  • Closure of Café for curbside accommodation
  • Safety plan complete

What we will do if there is a potential case, or suspected exposure to, COVID-19 at our workplace

  • Follow all current Public Health Guidelines in place to ensure a prompt response to a potential case

How we’re managing any new risks caused by the changes made to the way we operate our business

  • Regular monitoring of all channels of communication in relation to COVID 19
  • Regular review and implementation of current safeguards and policies within our business
  • Ensure regular check-ins with team members about how they’re coping with the COVID environment.

How we’re making sure our plan is working

  • We monitor all components of our plan daily in real time

**This safety plan has been developed integrating provincial, public health and best practice regulations for the promotion of workplace health and safety during the time of COVID 19. This plan is subject to change and is provided as an overview only of safety measures at Nutrition Plus at the time of development. Further information regarding safety in our workplace may be requested from K. Gooderham via email

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