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Nutrition Plus is your local community health market, meet our team of experts

Team NP is a mosaic of humans living holistically with authenticity. Our aisles are filled with expertise, education, & humanity. When seeking help for an ailment or a creative organic recipe, we are invested in your positive change. We believe education is the key to living your best life. We proudly invest in personal service & Team NP makes this possible.

Jason & Kim

Proud Owners, Local Family Owned Health Market

Jason & Kim are proud to enjoy the privilege of working and living in the community where they were raised.  When asked to describe the importance of Nutrition Plus in their community, they say, “Nutrition Plus has evolved from a health food store into a Community Health Market. 

We believe our customer’s experience should be met with education, and augmented by our very specially woven team and their mosaic of skill and passion.  Good old-fashioned customer service thrives in our space. We are extremely proud of our contributions to the health of our community and that begins with our team.”

What makes Jason & Kim smile about NP?

“The ability to know great things are happening at NP and we are all playing a key role.  We couldn’t ask for a better team, they are truly awesome!”

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Teacher, Gluten Free Specialist

Amanda is a lover of nature, soaking up the sun, while getting that important vitamin D we all need. She is a creator of healthy, nutrient-dense meals & natural DIY essential oil remedies.

What makes Amanda smile about Nutrition Plus?
“Our fabulous team is what makes me smile everyday because I get to work with amazing individuals with unique talents and happy hearts.”

Natural Grocer, Reiki Therapist, Level II

Erika is passionate about natural health and healing. She is proud to be the “Produce Princess” and “Dairy Fairy” in our grocery team.

What makes Erika smile about Nutrition Plus?
“Knowing that I have really helped a customer.”

Natural Grocery Buyer, 10 years+ grocery experience with Nutrition Plus

Janice is a foodie & our in-house tea sommelier.

What makes Janice smile about Nutrition Plus?
“My Nutrition Plus family who are kind, compassionate, beautiful, make me smile and lift my spirit daily. Customers who have become close over the years bring a smile to my face, through my mask, each time they come into Nutrition Plus.”

As with all things good, there must come an end. On January 23rd, 2024, Nutrition Plus will be closing our doors in Downtown Barrie. For the past 43 years, we have been proud to be a cornerstone of natural health in our community.

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